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Long-distance Oil-gas Pipeline Station Equipment

Turbine / Ultrasonic Metering System

Turbine / ultrasonic metering system is a skid-mounted metering system for custody transfer metering in the metering station of long distance gas pipeline. The system integrates the functions of filtering (or the filtering part is separated), metering, flow ratios, on-line calibration, system venting, leak alarm and automatic switching, having the characteristics of high metering accuracy, good safety performance, continuous stable metering and high explosion proof requirement.


This system is composed of some subsystems, such as filtering system, metering system, flow ratios system, gas chromatograph analysis system, on-line calibration system, venting system, gas leak alarm system and etc. The accuracy of the filtering system is much more strict comparing to in other situations,besides gas turbine flowmeter or gas ultrasonic flowmeter, straight pipe meeting the requirement and suitable flow computer for temperature and pressure compensation calculation are used in the metering system. On-line type gas chromatograph detects the gas components. Two or more flowmeters series to achieve intercomparison,what is flow ratios. According to processing requirement ,on-line calibration system reserves on-line calibration port in the system. Gas leak alarm system can be interlocked with the main valve and venting system. When the leakage occurs in the operation field, the station control system will command the main valve to close and open the venting system to carry on the emergency venting.

High requirements for the flowmeter, straight pipe, gas analyzer and flow-straightening vane in the system.And, the upstream and downstream shut-off valve of the flowmeter are critical, requiring zero leakage.Technical level of the manufacturer and installation accuracy affect the accuracy of the metering system directly. The above mentioned rules are the basic requirements to ensure the accuracy of the metering system.

System Characteristics

Using gas turbine flowmeter or multi-path gas ultrasonic flowmeter as the mainstream gas flowmeter

The accuracy of the meter is better than ±0.5%,while the accuracy of the metering system is better than ±1%

Adopting the plate or tube flow-straightening vane

Finish machining of the straight pipe inner boring

Zero leakage in the metering system

Transmission,remote control, automatic switching and flow centralized management can be realized


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