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Oil-Gas Field Ground Engineering

Gas Gathering Skid

A set of gas production and gas well to summarize system, gas-water separation system, drainage and blowdown Flash tank system, piping pigging system, output metering systems, use gas decompression system equal to one and integrating new digital automatic control of skid-mounted. Is made up of the ball-tube, liquid Flash tank, gas tank, flow meter (orifice, Vortex precession), electric heaters, electric three-way ball valve, ball valve, safety valve, self-operated pressure regulating valve equipment consisting of natural gas set integrated device.
Injecting Modulation System

Modulation of injection agents pried from the diaphragm-type metering pumps, defoaming agents add pumps and storage tanks, corrosion inhibitor filling pumps and storage tanks, corrosion inhibitor for truck equipment such as pumps, realized within the well field injection alcohol, alcohol injection and defoaming agents, corrosion inhibitors, and other functions. Feature: implemented to prevent the injection mixing, volatilization of toxic liquid in the process of storage, good mixing effect, high mixing efficiency; injecting modulation work safety and environmental protection.
Emergency alcohol injection skid

Emergency alcohol injection to pry is well, oil and gas gathering and transportation station, gas treatment plants and so on to reduce gas water dew point, with simple and practical equipment characteristics, frost effect, suitable for normal delivery and sudden onset of abnormal operating conditions as well as the temporary transformation project. Consists of methanol storage tank, y-strainer, the diaphragm-type metering pump head pump, high pressure hoses (supporting quick connector), the related valves and piping accessories and electrical accessories.
Alcohol Injection Skid

Alcohol injection skid is well, oil and gas gathering and transportation station, gas processing plants, and gas transmission stations used to reduce gas dew point, simple equipment, manufacture and installation of cycle is short, little effect on the day-to-day operation, frost effect and so on. Suitable for normal delivery and sudden onset of abnormal operating conditions, as well as temporary renovation project.
Molecular Sieve Dehydration Device

Molecular sieve dehydration by molecular sieve, silica gel and active alumina adsorbent for solid, removal from natural gas, synthetic natural gas or coal gas in the water (H2O), so as to achieve the purpose of purification of gases, reducing gas water dew point. Molecular sieve dehydration unit includes molecular sieve absorber, front-mounted coalescing filter, rear filter, gas heating furnace (or heat exchanger), gas air coolers, gas separator, gas water dew point Analyzer, automatic switch valve, computer automatic control system and other equipment and meets a filling quantity of molecular sieve selected. 1, our company provides optimum design, equipment manufacture of prefabricated, valves, instrumentation and computer control system Assembly, software programming, on-site construction of production technical services, technical training, and a package solution, until t...
Water Jacket Heater

Water jacket heater is the most basic process equipment for oil and natural gas heating in oil and natural gas station . It is beneficial to oil and gas transmission. Adopting atmospheric pressure,indirect heating method. Water is heated by fuel combustion flame and flue gas, and then heats the coil by the hot water. The hot water in heater body is atmospheric pressure and opens into the atmosphere directly, but the coil is high pressure usually 10MPa.
Emergency Processing Skid/ Liquid Hydrocarbon Separation Skid

Automatic oil-gas emergency processing skid is to separate the gas cross over station at low temperature when the station accident occurs, so as to ensure the station system security. It is an environmental protection saving energy device.
Condensate Stabilizing Skid

Condensate stabilization technology is to heat and stabilize the unstable condensate, stabilize the oil products extracted from the unstable condensate with pentane and other heavier hydrocarbons as main components, after when the vapor pressure is less than 0.7 times of the local atmospheric pressure,to meet the stability performance requirements.

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