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Oil-Gas Field Ground Engineering

Alcohol Injection Skid
Alcohol injection skid is well, oil and gas gathering and transportation station, gas processing plants, and gas transmission stations used to reduce gas dew point, simple equipment, manufacture and installation of cycle is short, little effect on the day-to-day operation, frost effect and so on. Suitable for normal delivery and sudden onset of abnormal operating conditions, as well as temporary renovation project.
Working principle
The core of Alcohol injection skid is piston metering pumps, piston metering pump movement, achieving fluid filling. Piston metering pump by the motor and piston pump consists of two parts. After coupling motor driven piston pump movement, when when you move piston back dead, gradually form a positive displacement vacuum pump volume cavity, in the presence of air, suction valve open, the liquid inhalation; dead when the piston forward moving, suction valve closed, the discharge valve opens and liquid discharge pump, achieve the purpose of suction and discharge of the pump, and fluid filling.
Structure and features
Alcohol injection skid mainly comprises a base, piston metering pump, storage tank, pressure gauge, hole, safety valves, liquid level gauges, related valves and piping accessories and electrical accessories.
Piston metering pump with flow regulation handle, you can adjust the filling velocity of the fluid tanks for storing filling liquid; after pressure of the safety valve in the system, automatic takeoff and achieve the objective of protection of downstream devices.


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