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Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited, founded in 2002, is an integrated energy company, specializing in design, equipment manufacturing, EPC, investment and operation. It is an oil and gas storage and transportation technology solution provider with core technology and core products.Tianjin Better Fluid Control Valves Co., Ltd. was established and invested by Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited in 2010. Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited is listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotation System in July, 2014, which merged Orient Huazhi Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. (in the way of directional issuance of new shares) in 2016.

Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited is New High-Tech Enterprise of Tianjin, Excellent Little Giant of Science and Technology Enterprises, Tianjin Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Process Control Equipment Technology Engineering Center, Enterprise Technology Centers approved by Tianjin Municipality.

Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited is specialized in providing develop, design, manufacture, and technical service for equipment within the station of long-distance oil and gas pipeline, city gas transmission & distribution equipment, storage and transportation equipment in oil and gas field, also providing users with one-stop solution for oil & gas transmission, LNG fueling distribution equipment.

Orient Huazhi Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Was established in 2003, is a professional engineering company engaged in EPC, design and consultation, engineering management and automation systems integration, specializing in Oil&Gas Pipeline, oil depot, urban gas, distributed energy and related fields.

The company has Class 2 certificate of oil and gas industry (pipelines transportation, oil depot), chemical petrochemical pharmaceutical industry (oil and chemical products storage and transportation), municipal industry (town fuel gas project), grade A engineering design and engineering general contracting, and the ministry of electronics engineering construction. The Company participated in West to East Gas Pipeline, The Shanxi-Beijing line, young-Tang-Qin, Tai-Qing-Wei, Jining Contact Line, Pipe Network of Guangxi, Sudan, Tanzania and other domestic and foreign large-scale pipeline storage and transport project design consulting, automation engineering, project total package, etc.,. We have rich experience in the field of oil and gas pipeline storage and transport, town gas field.

Tianjin Better Fluid Control Valves Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, is the National High-Tech Enterprise, China Valve Association Member. The company is mainly engaged in long distance oil and gas pipeline and gas station in the city pressure flow control valves research and development, manufacture and service. The company is the National Energy Administration, CNPC major science and technology projects, "oil and gas pipelines key equipment localization Project key pressure regulating valve" joint development organizations. The company is the pressure regulating device drafting unit in safety shut-off valve industry standard.

“Guaranteed Quality, Contented service”, is the company’s core business philosophy. Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited always sets the quality as first priority, ensuring clients to have faith in us. Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited is always quality-oriented, serving with gratitude and making energy industry a brighter future.


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