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  • ---2002

    In 2002, Langfang BEST Petroleum&Natural Gas Equipment, Ltd. was formed.


  • In the end of2003

    In the end of 2003, we won the bid to provide 26 sets of Pressure Regulating Skid and 17 sets of Self-Used Gas Skid within the station for PetroChina Zhongxian-Wuhan Pipeline. It marked the first time that domestically-made Pressure Regulating Skid and Self-Used Gas Skid were used in our domestic high pressure and long distance natural gas pipeline on a large scale.


  • In the early2004

    In the early 2000, the company moved to Tianjin and set up Tianjin BEST Petroleum&Natural Gas Equipment, Ltd.
  • In May2004

    In May,2004, we signed the contract of providing Ultrasonic Metering Skid for Huangshi Gate Station in Zhongxian-Wuhan pipeline. And the company became the first Ultrasonic Metering Skid’s Manufacturer in China.


  • In February2005

    In February,2005, we won the bid to provide 17 sets of Self-Used Gas Skid within the station for Ji-ning Lianluo Pipeline in West-East Natural Gas Pipeline Project. It marked that we were the domestic first Regulating-Metering equipment’s supplier, for PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline Company.


  • In April2006

    In April,2006, we won the bid to provide 9 sets of Compressor Fuel-Used Gas Skid for PetroChina 17 billion Transportation Increasing Project. It marked that we became the domestic first manufacturer of Compressor Fuel-Used Gas Skid.
  • In May2006

    In May, 2006, the company moved into our proprietary plant, located in No.2 Taiyuan Street, Jingbin Industrial Park, Tianjin.


  • In February2007

    In February, 2007, we were the first company to obtain the Production License of Gas Regulating Equipment—‘Production License of the Pressure Piping Components Devices (Class A)’, issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China(AQSIQ).


  • In November2009

    In November, 2009, Compressor Fuel-Used Gas Skid and Self-Used Gas Skid within the station in the West Section of West-East Natural Gas II Pipeline Project were delivered on time. It marked that we was the domestic first company to supply 900# (design pressure 12MPa) Regulating and Metering Skid-mounted devices for long-distance gas pipeline projects.
  • In December2009

    In December, 2009, metering system, in Kenkiyak-Kumkol station of the Second Phase of the Kazakhstan-China Crude Oil Pipeline Project, was put into production successfully. It marked that we were the domestic first company to have the ability to provide integrated Crude Oil Trade Metering System.


  • In July2010

    In July, 2010, our wholly owned subsidiary-- TianJin Better Fluid Control Valves CO., LTD. was founded.
  • In August2010

    In August, 2010, we undertook the technology and automatic control equipment turnkey project of Hubei Province Natural-Gas Company’s 5 stations. It generally started the one-stop solution business of the Natural Gas Transportation and Distribution Station Equipment.
  • In October2010

    In October, 2010, after Kazakhstan Analyzer House Project, Libya Regulating Skid Project, Sudan Petroleum Metering Skid Project, the company exported the first Drag Reducer Skid to Kenya.


  • In May2011

    In May, 2011, new plant and dormitory, covering more than 100 acres and located in No.18 Fuyuan Street, Jingbin Industrial Park, Tianjin, were used with the completion.
  • In September2011

    In September, 2011, the company had successfully completed shareholding system transformation. The management, core technical and marketing professionals became shareholders. At the same time, the company change its name to “BEST ENERGY EQUIPMENT(TIANJIN) COMPANY LIMITED”.
  • In October2011

    In October, 2011, the first got “Design License of the Pressure Piping (Class GC1)” in domestic industry. It offered protection for skid devices’ security from the start of design.


  • In April2012

    In April, 2012, our Design License and Manufacture License of Pressure Vessel were upgraded to A1 (2).


  • On February 152013

    On February 15, 2013, our company passed the ASME certification audit and got the certification.
  • In April2013

    In April, 2013, the company co-authored the standard of machinery industry JB/T11491-2013--“Skid Mounted Gas Pressure Regulating Installation”, which was issued and implemented by Ministry of Industry and Information.
  • In July2013

    As the sole manufacturer, the company, co-authored the enterprise standard of China National Petroleum Corporation—Q/SY-1598-2013 “Technical Specification of Station Pressure Regulating Devices in Natural Gas Long-distance Transmission Pipeline”. The Specification was issued and implemented in July, 2013.
  • In August2013

    In August, 2013, Bter signed the “Agreement on Jointly Researching and Developing Localized Key Equipment of Oil and Gas Pipeline—Pressure Regulating Device’s Valves” with PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline Company, with the witness of the National Energy Administration, China Machinery Industry Federation and China National Petroleum Corporation’s leaders.
  • In October2013

    In October, 2013, the company won Tianjin Third Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress and Wuqing District First Prize Award of Scientific and Technological Progress.


  • In April2014

    In April, 2014, our company was approved to set up the Tianjin Engineering and Technology Center of Oil&Gas Storage and Transportation Process Control Equipment.
  • In July2014

    In July, 2014, Pressure Regulating Device’s Key Valves, produced by Bter, successfully passed the national new products identification.
  • In July2014

    In July, 2014, the company’s shares were officially listed, stock code 830904.


  • In June2015

    In June, 2015, our company was approved to set up the National Engineering and Technology Center of Oil&Gas Storage and Transportation Process Control Equipment.


  • In December2016

    Best Energy Equipment (Tianjin) Company Limited merged Orient Huazhi Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. (in the way of directional issuance of new shares).


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