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Oil-Gas Field Ground Engineering

Condensate Stabilizing Skid

Condensate stabilization technology is to heat and stabilize the unstable condensate, stabilize the oil products extracted from the unstable condensate with pentane and other heavier hydrocarbons as main components, after when the vapor pressure is less than 0.7 times of the local atmospheric pressure,to meet the stability performance requirements.

Condensate stabilizing skid is complex, mainly consisted of stabilizer, overhead tank, bottom tank, heat exchanger, reboiler, air cooler, circulating pump, process pipeline, control cabinet and steel frame (including ladder and platform). Condensate stabilizing device will be integrated as a skid ready for installation, having the characteristics of small floor area, simple operation and maintenance, little work load of site construction, convenient transportation and low investment.

The processes are as follows: condensate from buffer tank is pressurized by lift pump, then enters into the heat exchanger for preheating, finally,it turns into the stabilizer where the bottom temperature keeps at about 120 ℃, to ensure the gas contained in condensate is fully distiled out.

The condensate from stabilizer bottom is cooled down by heat exchanger, goes into the air cooler, where the condensate temperature is between 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, to ensure the oil temperature and vapor pressure meet the transportation requirements,finally,enters into the buffer tank. The output lift pump increases the condensate pressure to 0.4-0.6Mpa then transports it.

The oil and gas from overhead are cooled down by air cooler,and then go into the separation tank,the gas enters into venting system or recovery system, while the light oil returns to stabilizer or be recovered directly.

Self-carried control system and electrical control box are provided, to achieve full-automatic operation and automatic management of the whole system.The main operating parameters : reboiler temperature, overhead pressure, liquid flowrate of the reboiler, liquid flowrate display of the stabilizer, pump level control, input(output) temperature and pressure control, control points can achieve local and transmission indicating and control function.


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