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Oil-Gas Field Ground Engineering

Water Jacket Heater

Water jacket heater is the most basic process equipment for oil and natural gas heating in oil and natural gas station . It is beneficial to oil and gas transmission.

Adopting atmospheric pressure,indirect heating method. Water is heated by fuel combustion flame and flue gas, and then heats the coil by the hot water. The hot water in heater body is atmospheric pressure and opens into the atmosphere directly, but the coil is high pressure usually 10MPa.

The whole system includes water jacket heater body, burner, control cabinet system and etc.

Main Characteristics

The atmospheric pressure structure design taking water as intermediate heat transfer vector ensures the system security

Divided into several structure forms :single well,multi-well, single coil,multi- coil

It is suitable for high pressure, large flow oil and gas heating situation

High heating efficiency, low investment and low operation cost

Safety and high efficiency automatic control system

Easy operation,convenient maintenance


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