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Oil-Gas Field Ground Engineering

Molecular Sieve Dehydration Device

Molecular sieve dehydration by molecular sieve, silica gel and active alumina adsorbent for solid, removal from natural gas, synthetic natural gas or coal gas in the water (H2O), so as to achieve the purpose of purification of gases, reducing gas water dew point. Molecular sieve dehydration unit includes molecular sieve absorber, front-mounted coalescing filter, rear filter, gas heating furnace (or heat exchanger), gas air coolers, gas separator, gas water dew point Analyzer, automatic switch valve, computer automatic control system and other equipment and meets a filling quantity of molecular sieve selected.

1, our company provides optimum design, equipment manufacture of prefabricated, valves, instrumentation and computer control system Assembly, software programming, on-site construction of production technical services, technical training, and a package solution, until the device calibration was successful. Is also responsible for the provision of long-term technical advisory services.

2, based on the underlying data and user requirements through optimized process solutions, provides heating such as step-down heating regeneration, regeneration, and blood pressure normal regeneration of three matching techniques.

3, our company provides unique regeneration technology and equipment, with regenerative gas does not need to be compressed, high rate of gas products, regeneration compared to absorption tower and its fatigue resistance strong, good safety performance, long service life, low investment, low energy consumption.

4, absorber operation of automatic monitoring and control system by computer according to the temperature curve required analog control, effective protection of the molecular sieve absorber and reduces volatility and avoid dust phenomena and improve life, and enhanced security.

5 in reasonable airflow splitter, molecular sieve absorption column design ensures more even air distribution and optimization of molecular sieve filling procedures and quality control requirements, making molecular sieve bed density, uniform to avoid channeling, improves the efficiency of molecular sieve.

6, based on product quality, best company to Provide optimized solutions, after evaporation of water content in the gas can reach 0.1ppm, the water can fall to 70 ℃ below the dew point.

7, according to need, and by optimizing the design process with two or three towers or by four towers: two towers at adsorption, regeneration of a tower, a tower blowing cold. Automatically by computer control, realized gas and high efficiency, low consumption, low energy consumption, high efficiency purposes.



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