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Long-distance Oil-gas Pipeline Station Equipment

Skid-mounted Oil Mass Flowmeter Metering System

The skid-mounted oil mass flowmeter includes four parts: filtering system, metering system, calibration system and control system. The main components are inlet pipeline, inlet electric gate valve, air-removed filter, mass flowmeter, flow computer, touching type operating screen, control cabinet, PLC, electric control valve, manual gate valve, check valve, DBB ball valve, temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, thermometer and pressure gauge. The technical difficulties of the oil mass flowmeter lie in the vibration prevention design,unstressed fabrication and installation process to ensure the accuracy of the metering system.

When the oil flows into the device, enters into the air-removed filter first through the inlet valve, after filtration it will be measured in the mass flowmeter, then flows into the downstream device with calibration loop, through the control valve, outlet electric ball valve ,that is, at two ends of outlet electric ball valve downstream the mass flowmeter there are branches connected to calibration inlet and outlet DBB ball values to achieve the on-line calibration.

The mass flowmeter measures the mass flow rate through the vibration of two parallel measuring tubes on the principle of coriolis force,since the measuring tube vibrate continuously at a certain resonant frequency, the vibration frequency changes following with the fluid density, a density output signal corresponding to the resonant frequency can be obtained then transmits to the flow computer.


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