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City Gas Station Equipment

Building Regulator Box

Building regulator box is a wall-hung gas pressure reduction metering device specially designed for users in the building. It is a gas supply equipment to domestic users after gas filtering, regulating and metering.

The configuration mainly includes inlet block valve, filter, shut-off valve, regulator, safety relief valve, flowmeter, outlet block valve and etc. It integrates the functions of regulating, metering and safety protection. It possesses the characteristics of compact structure, safety gas supply, complete functions, low investment and etc. Engineered and manufactured to incorporate the client’s specific requirements.

System Characteristics

Over pressure/ low pressure shut-off valve, safety relief valve and other safety measures are provided

The leave factory preassembly and performance test shall be done and all control points will be setted up according to the user’s requirements

It is suitable for natural gas, manufactured gas, LPG or gas mixing and etc. Easy to replace the gas type

Regulating accuracy of ±2.5% ( ±1%)

Building regulator box is fitted with overpressure/low pressure automatic switching device and safety relief device, keeping the outlet pressure at a certain range following with the variation of gas consumption and inlet pressure.


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