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Pressure Vessel

Gas Filtrating Separator

Gas filtrating separator is an important equipment in gas transmission and distribution system. During the gas transmission and distribution, flowmeter, regulator,and valves require protection against the damage potential of solid impurities and liquid impurities. That is, high-precision filtrating separator must be installed in front of the critical equipments. We have developed high accuracy filtrating separator, drawing lessons from domestic and international advanced technologies and experiences.

Product Characteristics

Quick opening closure structure,easy installation and simple maintenance

Vertical, horizontal, single-stage, multi-stage type are available

It is suitable for natural gas, LPG, city gas, mine drainage gas and etc.

High filtering precision, up to 5μm

Small resistance, large flow capacity and high separating efficiency

Filter element can be cleaned and replaced easily,service life is greatly extended

The differential pressure gage with local indicating is equipped, remote monitoring is available

It integrates the functions of sap cavity local indicating and remote monitoring

Automatic drain function


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