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Pressure Vessel

Direct (Indirect) Electric Heater

Direct (indirect) electric heater is an electric heating system to heat the oil, natural gas and other combustible gas, widely used in oil and gas field, petrochemical application situation and offshore platform. There are two heating ways: direct heating and indirect heating. Direct electric heater uses U tube to heat the medium directly, while the indirect electric heater uses the heating core first to heat the heat conducting oil (heat transfer medium) and then heat the process medium. Direct electric heater consists of heating core, bearing shell and control system. Heat transfer oil heater is mainly composed of electric heating system, heat-conducting oil system and automatic control system. Having the characteristics of safety,reliability, stable control, long service life, easy operation and maintenance.

System Characteristics

It is suitable for various dangerous conditions, for example, explosive gas atmosphere

Safe and stable heating process, easy control

Using patent and original imported U electric heating tube

The heating system can be automatically controlled, including the electric heating system control by DCS system with various safety protection functions

High pressure shell(to the direct type)and atmospheric shell(to the indirect type)


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