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Liquefaction of Natural Gas(LNG) Engineering

L-CNG Filling Skid


L-CNG filling stations in the LNG into CNG auto filling of CNG filling stations. Skid-mounted L-CNG filling stations are highly integrated, low-temperature high-pressure piston pump, high-pressure carburetor group of CNG gas cylinders, dispensers and control cabinet on a skid block in specific locations to accommodate LNG tankers small vehicle filling CNG fuel filling stations. Main equipment: LNG storage tanks, BOG tank, BOG heater, EAG heater, LNG tankers pressurized gasifier tank pressurized gasifier, cryogenic booster pump (submersible pump), refilling machine, control systems, security systems and other auxiliary equipment.


a.Unloading process: the stations of the LNG transfer from a bad car to the filling stations LNG storage tank;

b.Regulator process: Unloading completed by LNG high-pressure pump LNG pressure to 20Mpa, and then through the high-pressure carburetor into CNG and group into the high-pressure gas wells or high pressure bottle storage;

c, aerated flow: gas well pressure down to not function properly aerated, high-pressure pump restart and vaporized to gas storage wells qi pressurized to car aerated.

Main features:

a, small footprint, installation, transportation

b, establishment of investment is less, short cycle, low the daily fuel transport costs.

c, all electrical equipment in line with the national explosion-proof requirements, obtain proof license.

d. advanced automatic control system, combustible gas leak detection alarm, Fire alarm, overpressure alarm, low level alarm detection and alarm functions, safe and reliable. Easy to operate.


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