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Liquefaction of Natural Gas(LNG) Engineering

Skid-Mounted L-CNG Filling Station

Skid-mounted L-CNG Filling Station transforms LNG to CNG, and then fills vehicle with CNG. The equipment integrates high-pressure low-temperature plunger pump, high-pressure vaporizer, CNG Gas Cylinder Group, dispenser and control panel into one skid. It, combined with LNG tank, fills vehicle with CNG fuel at the designated areas.

The main equipment: LNG storage tank, BOG storage tank car, BOG heater, EAG heater, booster vaporizer for tank car, booster vaporizer for storage tank, LNG low-temperature booster pump(immersed pump), dispenser, control system, security system and other assistive devices.


Technical performance:

◆ Gas supply Capacity: 500~5000Nm3/h

◆ Gasification Mode: High-pressure air-heated vaporizer

◆ Reheating Mode: High-pressure electricity, hot-water or steam

◆ Output Pressure: High pressure

◆ Shut-off Valves’ Motive Power: Compressed Air or Nitrogen

◆ Safety Facilities: Fire protection, lightning protection, relief device

◆ Control Mode: Central control and monitoring system


a. Unloading process: Moving LNG from tank car to LNG storage tank at the Filling Station

b. Regulating process: LNG will be pressurized to above 20MPa by LNG high-pressure pump, after uploading; then the gas will be vaporized into CNG by high-pressure vaporizer, and go into high-pressure storage well or cylinder group;

c. Filling process: When the pressure of storage well drops to be unable to filling properly, the high-pressure pump will be re-started, vaporize and pressurize the gas. Then the gas enters into the storage well and is filled into the vehicle.

Main Features:

a. Less occupied area, easy assembly and transportation;

b. Small investment, short period, low transportation cost of the general fuel;

c. All the electrical devices are in line with national explosion-proof requirements and have achieved explosion-proof equipment production license;

d. Auto-control system is advanced; the system has multiple inspection and alarm functions, such as gas leakage alarm, fire inspection alarm, over-pressure alarm, low liquid-level alarm, and so on. It is safe, reliable and easy to operate.    


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