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Liquefaction of Natural Gas(LNG) Engineering

The town of LNG gas skid

The town of LNG gas skid is concentrated in urban LNG users, the main process is: LNG tanker or a liquid storage bottle will LNG tank liquid is transported to the city gas skid, by prying body regulating pressure measurement, integration, odorization system to realize the centralized gas supply to urban users; mainly include: LNG storage tank or reservoir group, air heated vaporizer, adjustable odorization and metering system, pressure system. The composition of LNG tank from inside the shell, multi technology.


◆ country using LNG instead of LPG gas is used as the life;

The small town of LNG gas;

The residents of the area using LNG as life gas;

◆ business and institutions of the independent gas occasions;

Technical performance:

◆ storage capacity: 600 Nm3, 1200 Nm3, 1800Nm3

The number of users: 300-1000 users

The output pressure: 0.2 - 0.4MPa

The system functions: storage, vaporization, self pressurized, safety shut-off (bleeding), voltage regulator, metering, odor, remote control etc.;

Main features:

The good maneuvering performance, less land occupation. Without the construction of large-scale network, only trucks transporting LNG entire skid to skid body, small size.

The safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption. LNG has been purified, without any treatment can be directly put into use, save the cost, shorten the construction period, the user benefits.

The high degree of automation, simple operation, equipment start and stop, signal acquisition, security leakage alarm, auto complete, convenient operation.


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