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Liquefaction of Natural Gas(LNG) Engineering

BOG Recovery Unit

Natural gas vehicle filling station recovery device is the auxiliary equipment in natural gas vehicle filling station, the main function is to recycle station bleeding in the operation process of natural gas. Work process: 1) when the LNG cryogenic storage tank pressure increases to 0.6MPa, manual (or automatic) open the recovery valve, compressor starts, the gas input pressure cylinder or pipe network; 2) when the recovery device buffer tank pressure to the appropriate value (lower 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa), manual (or automatic) closed recovery valve, compressor stop working.

Skid components include: compressor, evaporator, buffer tank and other valve pipeline.

Use the following occasions:

1) tank due to pressure relief gas; 2) submersible pump precooling exhaust gas; 3) fuel tank of LNG car due to high pressure system to release BOG.

Technical performance:

◆ recovery pressure: 0.6-25MPa, can be adjusted according to the need of

◆ recovery capacity: 0.5m3/min

The system functions: storage, vaporization, safety protection, remote control etc.;

Main features:

The good maneuvering performance, less land occupation, can transfer BOG truck whole skid recovery device.

The recovery of low cost, high recovery efficiency. Compared with other BOG gas recovery unit, low investment, save and condenser large equipment, high profit, high efficiency.

The high degree of automation, simple operation and easy to learn, equipment start and stop, signal acquisition, security leakage alarm, auto complete, convenient operation.


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