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The Shaan–Jing pipeline is a natural gas pipeline in China, which runs from Jingbian County to Beijing and Tianjin.

The construction of pipeline started in March 1996 and was completed on 10 September 1997.

The first pipeline starts from the gas processing plant in Changqing gas field, in Shaanxi province, and terminates in the Yamenkou terminal in Shijingshan district, Beijing. It supplies natural gas to Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin. It also supplies The Cangzhou Fertilizer Plant and Shandong Zibo area through Gang-Cang and Cang-Zi lines.

The length of the pipeline is 918 kilometers (570 mi). The first pipeline has a diameter of 660 millimeters (26 in) and designed pressure of 6.4 MPa. The annual capacity of this pipeline is after several upgrading 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The pipeline includes three compressor stations and three underground storage facilities.

The pipeline is operated by Beijing Huayou Gas Company.


Ying Town Metering and Regulating Gate Station
Meineng Skid-Mounted Metering and Regulating Gate Station
Jin Sha Tan Turbine Metering System
NO.Project TitleProduct namePressure levelNumber of suppliersAnnual operation
1Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline North Cao Mountain Distribution StationMetering and Regulating SystemANSI6002sets2003
2Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline Ying Town Gate StationMetering and Regulating SystemANSI6002sets2003
3Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline Meineng Distribution StationMetering and Regulating SystemANSI6002sets2005
4Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline Jin Sha Tan Distribution StationMetering and Regulating SystemANSI6001set2005
5Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline Dagang First StationPressure, Flow Control SystemANSI6002sets2009
6Valve Room Distribution Reconstruction Project of the First and Parallel Shaan-Jing Gas PipelinePressure Regulating SystemANSI60033sets2011


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