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Linking Zhongwei in Ningxia with Guiyang in Guizhou, the pipeline runs 1,613 kilometers through Gansu, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Chongqing, with a pipe diameter of 1,016 mm, designed pressure of 10 MPa and an annual delivery capacity of 15 billion cubic meters.

The project was launched in 2011. The Zhongwei-Tongliang section was completed at the end of 2012. The Tongliang-Guiyang section is expected to become operational in 2013. After its completion, the pipeline will join the Sichuan-Chongqing natural gas pipeline network and the West-East pipeline network to deliver natural gas from Central Asia and Xinjiang to the natural gas market in Southwest China.

NO.Project TitleProduct namePressure levelNumber of suppliersAnnual operation
2Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelinePressure Regulating SystemANSI60012sets2011
3Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelineSelf-used Gas SkidANSI60014sets2011
4Metering Skid and Analyzer Room of Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelineMetering SystemANSI6001LOT2011
5Nanbu Distribution Station of Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelineMetering SystemANSI6001set2012
6Zhongwei Station Metering SystemANSI6002sets2012
7Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelineSelf-Used Gas Metering and Regulating System in Station2012
8Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelineMetering System2012
9Tongliang Distribution Station Reconstruction Project of Zhongwei-Guiyang Gas PipelinePressure Regulating SystemANSI6003sets2013


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